The 2023 Nineball World Ranking schedule is provisionally set and will feature a minimum of 30 ranking events globally including 12 events from Matchroom in ground-breaking news that sees the largest calendar of Nineball events with the aim to keep growing. Ranking events will take place in all four corners of the world thanks to new and existing partnerships as Matchroom Pool continues to offer a transparent, ambitious, and unified plan for Nineball players.

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2023 will begin with back-to-back events in the USA with the Turning Stone Classic XXXIV (January 5-8) in Verona, NY followed up by the Diamond Derby City Classic Nineball Division (25-28 January) in Indiana ahead of the first blue ribbon event on the schedule from Matchroom. The World Pool Championship 2023 is set to take place in Kielce, Poland from February 1-5 as the best 128 players on the Nineball World Rankings go toe-to-toe for a slice of the $325,000 prize fund and the chance to become champion of the world.

Matchroom’s flagship events will be the backbone of 2023 alongside UK broadcast partner Sky Sports,the World Pool Masters set to take place from May 6-9 before the UK Open (May 30 to June 4). Spain will look to defend their World Cup of Pool crown June 20 – 25, whilst Premier League Pool will return as Albin Ouschan guns for the crown for a third straight year. The European Open gets underway at Hotel Esperanto, Fulda in Germany from August 8-13 ahead of the historic US Open Pool Championship at Harrah’s Resort, Atlantic City (September 25-30). As ever, the schedule will build up to the big one, the 2023 Mosconi Cup as the USA look to snatch the trophy back from Europe’s hands for the first time since 2019.

For the first time, Matchroom will also launch an additional two new multi-table open events in 2023 including the inaugural Asian Open and the English Open, each boasting a total prize fund of $200,000, 256 size player fields, and worldwide television exposure.

Two new Juniors events will be launched alongside the SVB Junior Open with more details to come in the new year.

Matchroom’s commitment to offering opportunities to players worldwide has been underlined with a new strategic partnership with Asian Pool Promotions which sees the launch of the Nineball Asian Tour. Working with Matchroom, the APP will offer players across Asia and beyond to compete for vital ranking points with events in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong-China, Thailand, and Chinese Taipei in 2023.

Six events from EuroTour will feature for the second year with the EPBF’s plans including ranking events in Estonia from 18-20 February and St Johann in Austria from 14-17 April. Other stops include Tampere, Finland in May before Slovenia in late July and October. Italy’s Treviso will wrap up EuroTour tournaments for 2023.


Players in the USA will have more opportunities than ever before to earn Nineball World Ranking points with Omega Billiards set to run a minimum of two ranking events in 2023 whilst two-time Mosconi Cup MVP Jayson Shaw will host a ranking event for the first time from September 22-23 ahead of the US Open. The First Break Cafe Open in Virginia will also feature for the first time as a ranking event with more news set to come soon on additional ranking events in the USA. Mike Zulgan will host another Turning Stone Classic from August 31-3 September before Pat Flemming’s International Open will run again in late 2023 as a Nineball World Ranking event.

Alongside the EuroTour, Matchroom is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with promoters in the Balkan region that sees the start of the Balkan Tour with tournaments across Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and more.

Other European events include the return of the PRP Nineball Open in Zaragoza, Spain won by Mario He earlier this year.

Not only will Ranking Events in 2023 offer vital points for the Race to the Mosconi Cup for European and USA players but it will also offer pathways to the other huge invitational tournaments on the calendar including the World Pool Masters, World Cup of Pool, and Premier League Pool for the leading players worldwide on the Nineball World Rankings. Cut-off dates and the selection criteria for invitational events will be revealed at the beginning of 2023.




Who is the number one 9 ball pool player in the world? ›

In April 2022, Van Boening won the 2022 WPA World Nine-ball Championship. As of 2023, He holds the record for the AZBilliards Money List at over $2 million in earnings since 2005.

What is the prize money for the 2023 9 ball championship? ›

Gambler 1 of Gainesville, Fla., defeated Control Your Rack 9 of Atlanta, Ga., in the finals of the 2023 APA 9-Ball World Championship. The victory earned Gambler 1 $20,000 in 1st Place prize money, while Control Your Rack took home $10,000 as Runners-Up.

What is the prize money for the matchroom pool tournament? ›

128 of the world's best players battle for a share of an historic $1,000,000 prize fund!

What is the 9 ball pool World Cup? ›

The World Cup of Pool is an annual international single-elimination tournament for doubles teams in nine-ball pool competition. The Philippines holds the record in tournament wins, winning the event on four occasions.

Who is the goat of 9-ball pool? ›

Efren Reyes
Pool gamesNine-ball, eight-ball, ten-ball, one-pocket, rotation, balkline, three-cushion, one-cushion
Tournament wins
MajorU.S. Open Pool Championship (1994)
Other titles100
6 more rows

Who is the best billiard player of all time? ›

Over the years, Efren “Bata” Reyes has earned the title “the greatest pool player of all time” and has become an inspiration to numerous players. Even in his late 60s, Reyes still actively participates in tournaments and exhibitions and amazes audiences with his unparalleled skills.

What is the highest prize money for the 9-ball pool? ›

YearWinnerTotal Prize
2016Shane Van Boening (5)$200,000
2017Jayson Shaw$200,000
2019Joshua Filler$300,000
2021Carlo Biado$300,000
43 more rows

Who won the World 9-ball pool championship? ›

WPA World Nine-ball Championship
Current season, competition or edition: 2023 WPA World Nine-ball Championship
FounderWorld Pool-Billiard Association
Most recent champion(s)Francisco Sánchez Ruíz (2023)
Related competitionsEight-ball, Ten-ball
2 more rows

Who won the 2023 pool world championship? ›

2023 World Cup of Pool
Tournament information
Defending championSpain
ChampionPhilippines James Aranas Johann Chua
Runner-upGermany Joshua Filler Moritz Neuhausen
9 more rows

Which is the highest paying tournament in the world? ›

Top 10 Sports Events With Highest Prize Money
  • Formula 1. Formula 1 offers a whooping sum of around $ 135 million to the winner. ...
  • UEFA Champions League. ...
  • FIFA World Cup. ...
  • World Series (Major League Baseball) ...
  • UEFA Euro Cup. ...
  • UEFA Europa League. ...
  • FedEx Cup. ...
  • World Series Poker.
Jul 12, 2023

How much do world champion pool players make? ›

How much do pool players earn? In the professional game, an average pool player can expect to earn around $50,000 annually. However, top-level players often earn in excess of $100,000 but a lot of this is dependant on endorsem*nts and sponsorship deals.

What is the prize money for the 9 ball pool US Open? ›

A recent acquisition to the Matchroom Multi Sport stable, the US Open is the biggest singles pool event in the world, boasting a 44 year history. The US Open is the longest-running major in pool and in 2021 features a $375,000 prize fund.

What is the 3 foul rule in 9-Ball? ›

If a shooter commits a foul three times in a row without making an intervening legal shot, the result is a loss of game. The three consecutive fouls must occur in the same game.

What is a golden break in a 9-Ball pool? ›

The break consists of hitting the 1-ball, with the attempt to pocket any ball. If the nine-ball is successfully potted, the player automatically wins the rack. This is sometimes known as a golden break .

How to win 9-Ball pool? ›

Aim to hit the lowest-numbered ball first when you're making a shot. It's okay to pocket the balls out of order. Keep making shots until you get a foul or fail to pocket a ball on your turn. Win the game if you hit the 9-ball into a pocket during any legal shot.

Who won the world 9-ball pool? ›

2018December 10–20Joshua Filler
2019December 13–17Fedor Gorst
2020Not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic
2021June 6–10Albin Ouschan (2)
31 more rows

Who is the world top 8 Ball Pool? ›

Who is the best player of 8 Ball Pool? With that being said, the reigning WPA World 8-ball champion is Chang Jun Lin of Chinese Taipei.

How much do 9-ball pool players earn? ›

How much do pool players earn? In the professional game, an average pool player can expect to earn around $50,000 annually. However, top-level players often earn in excess of $100,000 but a lot of this is dependant on endorsem*nts and sponsorship deals.

Who is the god of billiards? ›

The god of billiard Efren "BATA" Reyes.


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