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One dead after shooting in Hendersonketk.com1 HOUR AGO

Tree splitting Tyler house cannot be removed just yetKLTV2 DAYS AGO

Lufkin police involved in barricade incident after shots fired at officersKTRE16 HOURS AGO

CBS19Great Texas Balloon Race cancels flights for MondayLONGVIEW, Texas — **EDITOR'S NOTE: The video above is from the 2023 Great Texas Balloon Race kickoff. Flights for the opening day of the annual Great Texas Balloon Race have been canceled for Monday, June 10. The GTBR says flights were called off due to changing weather conditions. According...

Longview, TX7 hours ago



Honor walk held for Longview organ donor who died at 17LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Selfless. Sweet. Cool. Loving. Adventurous. A beautiful soul. An angel sent from God on a mission to save. All descriptions shared by loved ones of 17-year-old Layla Tutt, who died on Wednesday after suffering massive brain damage due to a lack of oxygen. The hospital staff...

Longview, TX2 days ago


KETK / FOX51 NewsCommunity honors Johnathan Holland, Addison Shepard at memorial bass tournamentLAKE TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The Jonathan Holland and Addison Shepherd Memorial Bass Tournament took off at the Boulders at Lake Tyler on Saturday. “We had 39 boats that registered for the tournament,” Jonathan Holland’s motherKaren Holland said. After losing her son Jonathan and her neighbor’s daughter Addison Shepherd, known as Addi, in a Rusk […]


KENS 5 Eyewitness NewsTwo suspects indicted in 2016 murder of Longview businessman Ron HoraneyLONGVIEW, Texas — Two suspects in the 2016 death of Longview businessman Ron Horaney were indicted at the end of May. Reza Kamali, 87, of Longview, and Alfredo Lizcano, a Dallas resident who will turn 39 later this month, were each charged with capital murder and murder in Horaney's shooting death May 30, 2016.

Longview, TX3 days ago


KETK / FOX51 News‘Community coming together’: Rusk County residents clean up after storm damageRUSK COUNTY, Texas (KETK) — Rusk County is one of many counties who were hit hard by severe storms on Monday evening and Tuesday morning. County officials issued a disaster declaration due to the widespread damage. Rusk County Emergency Management Office said crews responded to one water rescue and reported there have been no injuries […]

5 days ago


CBS19Rusk County creates staging area for line crews to support power restoration effortsRUSK COUNTY, Texas — The Rusk County Office of Emergency Management has set up a staging area for contractor line crews to support the restoration of power across the county. The Rusk County Expo Center has been established as the staging location. The OEM wants people to be aware...

4 days ago



Erosion caused by recent rains leaves giant gully on Garrison horse ranchNACOGDOCHES COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Recent rain has left a ranch in Garrison with severe soil erosion. Roselake Ranch owner Miriam Mumm explained they sit on a hill and it’s normal to find erosions across the property after heavy rainfall; however, the recent weather has left a massive pit.

Garrison, TX2 days ago



East Texas Now: Longview High School Choir explores historic sites of Paris, FrancePARIS, France (KLTV) - Liberating the capital city of Paris was not originally part of Allies’ military strategy that started with the D-Day landings at Normandy. On August 25, 1944, French and Allied forces re-took Paris after four years of Nazi occupation. On Sunday, June 9, the Longview High...

Longview, TX1 day ago


KETK / FOX51 NewsEast Texas counties, cities under disaster declarationsTYLER, Texas (KETK) – After severe storms in the past few weeks, multiple East Texas counties and cities have issued disaster declarations, allowing officials to access additional resources and support. Below, KETK has compiled a list of East Texas counties and cities that are currently under disaster declarations: Cass County According to Cass County Judge […]

Whitehouse, TX5 days ago



Hangars damaged by storm at Panola County airportCARTHAGE, Texas (KLTV) - Sharpe Field, the Panola County Airport, was hit pretty hard by this week’s storms. The airport is located at 1305 Highway 79 North just outside of Carthage. The airport manager tells us several hangers were damaged Monday night. Sharpe Field Airport Manager Robert Duncan said...

Carthage, TX4 days ago


KETK / FOX51 NewsFrom The Archives: Carthage veteran remembers D-Day 50 years laterCARTHAGE, Texas (KETK) – Back in 1994, KETK spoke with a local veteran who was preparing to be honored for his service in England on the 50th anniversary of D-Day. In this From The Archives report, former KETK reporter JD Welch spoke with John Howland who flew in a B-17 bomber on D-Day. Howland was […]

Carthage, TX3 days ago


KETK / FOX51 NewsBoil water notice, outages reported for Rusk County residentsRUSK COUNTY, Texas (KETK) — The Rusk County Emergency Management and Fire Marshal’s Office said a boil water notice has been issued for portions of the county while others currently have no water and are expected to for at least two more days. The Rusk County Rural Water Supply Corporation said people living on these […]

5 days ago


CBS19Great Texas Balloon Race brings 5 special shape balloons to LongviewLONGVIEW, Texas — This upcoming Great Texas Balloon Race is set to bring five special shape balloons — one more than the previous year's event — and this year, they’re all animal themed. At 7 a.m. June 14 and 15, community members can see Yellow Bird,...

Longview, TX3 days ago


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